Our portfolio

GreenRock supports and accompanies innovative sustainable ideas and assists in the structuring and financing of promising companies and projects.

Our focus is on the one hand on the strategic consideration of essential success factors of the underlying industry and on the development of optimal solutions to be able to be sustainably successful in times of constantly and rapidly growing markets and requirements.

The GreenRock pursues the "buy-and-build" approach with a sustainable "split strategy". The "buy-and-build" approach means that we, GreenRock, not only provide the required capital resources, but also actively support the respective investment in its development and expansion.

Our strategy

The "split strategy" reflects the diversity of the investment segments. GreenRock has defined three essential investment fields for itself: 1. commodities in relation to energy production and generation. 2. companies with a sustainable business concept. 3. the GRi (GreenRock Incubator) - the financing or founding of projects with a sustainable business concept. All these projects, companies and commodities, despite their sustainable aspects, are located in different markets and industries. From markets like mobility, trade goods, energy production to artificial intelligence, all industries and markets are focused and served by GreenRock.

As many of our investment projects and companies are located in globally competitive markets and are in direct competition with global corporations with influential vested interests, we treat our investments very discreetly in consultation with our partner companies, as well as the technical and corporate advances. This is done for the benefit of the unhindered development of our investment in order to protect ourselves against industrial espionage or competitors, for example.