Our services

Our services

We offer investments, services and support of the highest quality. Experienced professionals working with clients and investors around the world to position our sustainable projects in the global marketplace. The focus is on investing in promising companies and projects.

GreenRock manages assets for various clients around the world. As a trustee, we are committed to securing and increasing our clients assets over the long term. This includes, above all, a focus on sustainability. To ensure this focus on sustainability, we at GreenRock integrate ESG criteria into our investment processes. This means incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) information into investment decisions with the aim of increasing investor returns.

Exclusion filters

For investment determination purposes, exclusion filters are set to define certain companies and investment opportunities based on specific criteria such as business practices or field of activity.


GreenRock focuses on specific environmental, social or governance issues and aggregates them in weighty proportions to create a sustainable investment proposition.


We evaluate ESG data at the security or investment level and weight it to provide an investment opportunity that aligns capital as better ESP performance.

We invest sustainably

Investing sustainably is about investing for progress and recognizing that companies and projects that address the worlds greatest challenges offer the best opportunities for growth. It's about paving the way for innovative ways of doing business and creating the right momentum to inspire an ever-growing number of people to participate in creating a desirable future.

The combination of traditional investment approaches and environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights enables both global institutional investors and private individuals to pursue and achieve their investment objectives in a sustainable way.