Our business model

The goal of our work is to support promising and sustainable companies with capital in their growth in order to achieve a profitable result.

Our business

We work with entrepreneurs and investors with many years of experience and ambitious objectives to generate the maximum sustainable value of capital.

Our mission

Our mission is to support companies and projects by providing not only capital but also know-how and our broad network in investments. We believe that only through the symbiosis of capital, network and know-how is it possible to exploit investments and investment strategies to their full potential.

Our Vision

At GreenRock, we firmly believe that our future will consist largely of intelligent people who think and act in a sustainable manner, and who are committed to both success and personal growth. In this future, GreenRock sees itself as a platform for companies and projects that brings together capital and sustainable investment opportunities and facilitates this process.

Growth Strategy

At GreenRock, we strongly believe that a combination of organic and acquisitive growth in the sustainable investment space is the ideal way to build operationally and financially strong and sustainable businesses across a wide range of industries.
GreenRock employs both new and tried and tested strategies, where experience and insight into the relevant business area unlocks the full potential and leads to decisive growth.

Our focus

We invest in projects, but while assessing the fundamentals of each project is part of every investment selection, we also focus primarily on the people and personalities behind our investments. We know that the true value in any business lies in an effective management team with spirit, confidence in what they do and commitment to their business.

To create long-term, sustainable value, GreenRock invests in companies and ideas. The goal with each such investment is to provide the existing management teams with capital, business expertise, energy, courage and of course our experience to build a sustainable existing business.
We have a long history of investing and operating businesses in some of the most challenging regions and industries in the world. The entrepreneurial and start-up spirit is deeply embedded in GreenRock's DNA, which is why we are happy to evaluate and invest in unconventional business ventures. We see opportunities where many others might shy away.