GRi - Uncontaminated Clothing

GRi - Uncontaminated Clothing

In order to produce new textile goods in a climate-neutral way and to process returned textiles as efficiently as possible, the GRi project is primarily working on two things:

  • - The production of a cost-effective and environmentally friendly material.
  • - The efficient recycling of returned goods from stationary and online trade.

In order to develop a cost effective, environmentally friendly material that can be quickly and easily reproduced in mass, our GRi project is working with internationally renowned scientists and textile engineers. The aim is not only to develop a "sustainable fashion brand", but also to produce goods for existing fashion brands and textile suppliers in a sustainable way and in compliance with socio-economic criteria.

The enormous and annually rapidly growing number of returned goods are to be recycled and thus reused in the future or returned to the trade cycle through an e-commerce concept. For this purpose, the returned goods will be cleaned after receipt using an environmentally neutral process and offered for sale to both wholesale and private customers.

The aim is to make the constantly increasing number of textile purchases via online platforms climate-neutral and to reduce the ecological impact.