Corporate principles

Corporate principles

The world is changing at a rapid pace every day. The global population growth of almost 2 billion people and a doubling of global economic output ensure that the world is changing with rapid steps every day.

In order to keep up with this rapid development, GreenRock relies exclusively on successful and sustainable investment strategies that ensure secure growth for our future. Artificial intelligence, e-mobility, Internet of Things but also various raw materials are essential to build the engine of the future.

Our mission is to provide modern society with a sustainable energy supply and technology as a basis for this development by supporting growth companies from various economic sectors with capital and expertise. GreenRock hereby cordially invites you to share these diverse opportunities of our time with us. Benefit from these exciting developments and secure a sustainable future together with us.

„Problems can never be solved with the same mindset, through which they arose.“
Albert Einstein

GreenRock offers you more options for sustainable investment strategies

At GreenRock, we manage client assets that are invested according to sustainability criteria. Here, we at GreenRock pursue different approaches, such as ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance). This is an assessment of the collective awareness of an investment for social and environmental factors. At GreenRock, we believe that it is cheaper to protect our planet now than to fix it later. With this attitude, we manage our clients assets in a fiduciary capacity. As a fiduciary investor, GreenRock advocates responsible corporate governance and sustainable business practices that result in long-term, sustainable value creation for our clients.